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Real Estate Sales

The biggest hurdle for many of our clients that want us to design and build their dream home is that they already own an existing house that they need to sell. The good news is we can help with that too. Becki is a licensed REALTOR® with the experience and knowledge of today's market to achieve proven results.

Backed by the First Weber Group, consistantly the largest real estate producers in the Oshkosh area, we will provide you with our six step marketing program driving buyers to your home. This includes

Step 1: A better way to price your home     Getting your home priced right—right from the start—is critical. Price it too high and your home will take longer to sell or it might not sell. Taking into account recent home sales and present listings, our reliable valuation methods can assist you in setting a strategic and market-savvy price for optimal results.

Step 2: Guarenteed print advertising     You may have heard that print advertising is dead. But few things could be further from the truth. To reach potential buyers, it’s important to utilize multiple advertising options to be successful. A recent study by Google proved that print ads drive web traffic. In fact, 67% of people who see a print advertisement will go online to find out more.

Step 3: The region’s 2 most effective real estate web sites.     Using the web to promote your home is not enough. You need to make sure you are using the web to attract potential buyers to your home! The First Weber website offers easy navigation and search capabilities that will lead prospective buyers to your home. On a national level, Realtor.com is consistantly the market leader for residential listings.

Step 4: Getting the most from Video Marketing.     If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least a million. That’s why we give you every possible opportunity to market your home with video.

Step 5: Home info that’s available anytime, anywhere.     You never know when a potential buyer might need information on your home. So we give buyers access whenever they need it—and wherever they are.

m.firstweber.com provides information about your home on buyers’ mobile devices. So wherever they are and whatever they’re doing they can get their questions answered instantly, and see interior photos too.

Step 6: A better approach to keeping you informed.     When your house is for sale, you want to know exactly what’s happening. We are committed to providing you the feedback you need to make informed decisions in a timely manner. We will provide immediate feedback whenever your house is shown providing critical information on buyer interest to inform our marketing strategy.

With this proven approach to real estate marketing, your home will be on the fast track to closing, clearing the way to designing and building the home of your dreams with us. For more information about our real estate sales services call,(920) 410-6203 or email becki at becki@cwarchitect.net today.