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Chet Wesenberg

Chet Wesenberg - Principal Architect

As a native, Chet Wesenberg left Oshkosh in 1991 to study Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After graduation he began his professional career working with architects, developers and owners to redevelop historic buildings and build new urban infill projects. Chet’s work focused on the design, development and construction of multi-family residential and mixed-use commercial projects. While working in both large and small offices on a variety of projects he gained valuable experience in all facets of the architectural design and building construction processes.

Upon returning to Oshkosh in 2004, Chet formed Chet Wesenberg Architect, LLC with a focus on Architecture, Planning and the strengthening of communities through the built environment.

Chet Wesenberg Architect, LLC is a multi-disciplinary firm with the ability and expertise to design and build a wide range of projects. Regardless of its scale, Chet Wesenberg Architect, LLC is committed to understanding your vision, realizing your project and strengthening the communities in which we live.

Chet Wesenberg

Corey Wallace-Senior Architect

Corey studied Architectural Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee after he decided he wanted to be involved in construction. Likewise, he always enjoyed drawing and sketching things growing up, so he decided to put his talents to use in the architectural field and more recently with our team here for the past two years!

As the Senior Architect, Corey is able to use his expertise and skills to design products that both he and the clients are happy with. In fact, his favorite part of the job involves the diversity of projects he is able to take on with each new client.

In addition to being great at his job, Corey is also a great dad and enjoys spending the majority of his free time with his kids. With what little free time he has left though, he can be found taking in the outdoors through fishing.

Chet Wesenberg

Claire Kleveno - Interior Designer

Claire graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. At a young age she realized her interest in architecture and the interior design field, as she always enjoyed measuring, rearranging and painting her room.

These days, Claire is redesigning much more than her bedroom by using her artistic nature and knowledge to create unique and efficient designs at Chet Wesenberg Architect. She admires watching her drawings for clients come to life during the building process until the project is complete.

Outside of work, Claire continues her passion for design by creating hand-made, hand-painted artwork through reclaimed materials. She also enjoys the outdoors through activities such as hunting, fishing and camping where she can spend time with family and friends!

Chet Wesenberg

Beto Caballero - Architectural Designer

Beto is originally from Mexico where he graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana and is a recent addition to our team! Using his transition to the U.S. and the difference in visual environments he has experienced, he likes the idea of adding value to people’s lives through a creative design.

Beto enjoys the precision for beauty and aesthetically pleasing objects that architecture has to offer and wants to increase the quality of life for other individuals and communities by sharing this vision. As an Architectural Designer, Beto is able to do exactly this by expressing his ideas through his sketches.

Along with his passion for architecture, Beto is also quite the outdoor enthusiast and participates in a variety of different sports such as soccer, running and swimming. Although age may have slowed him down, he still enjoys a good game of soccer every now and then!

Chet Wesenberg

Christian Prado - Architectural Designer

Growing up with a family heavily involved in the construction industry, it wasn’t long before Christian continued the trend! After working on his first construction project with his father and two brothers at 18 years old, he was hooked.

Fast forward a few years, and Christian graduated from Catholic University with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. After working in the construction and architectural fields for a while, he became attracted to the building process of watching the conception of an idea evolve into a final product.

Presently, Christian seeks to provide communities with beautiful buildings that can capture the artistic and historic essence of what makes up the individuals and community as a whole. He constructs buildings that are not only visually engaging but that also make the people of the community fall in love with them.

When Christian is not helping our clients turn their design concepts into reality, he also likes to spend his time reading, working out, or watching movies.

Chet Wesenberg

Clint Thull - Construction Project Manager

Clint graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a business degree in Construction Management. With his father being a contractor, he has always been exposed to the construction and architectural fields since a young age and has since then decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

As the Project Manager, Clint handles almost everything from start to finish of the building process including, but not limited to, making estimates, constructing contracts, and overseeing scheduling. However, he welcomes the challenges that construction has to offer by figuring out how to adapt to each new situation. Along with craving a challenge, Clint also feels a sense of accomplishment once people are able to see and enjoy a new building at the end of the process.

Throughout each obstacle, however, Clint is accompanied by his favorite companion, a yellow lab, who can be found by his side taking in life! Whether at work or taking part in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, or boating, he likes sharing as much of his life as he can with his dog.

Chet Wesenberg

Brent Schneider - Construction Project Manager

After creating his own company, SustainaBuild, that focused on transforming reclaimed material into sophisticated and contemporary looking pieces again, Brent decided to join our team in 2016 as the Commercial Project Manager. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a Finance degree and decided to combine this skill set with his interest in the construction industry.

As a Project Manager Brent enjoys the aspect of not being confined to one space but rather getting to spend time both in the office and out in the field. He is constantly on the move to help ensure each project is on schedule by collaborating with contractors and architects, so that when the construction process comes to an end a beautiful building is created.

Brent has gained expert managerial skills over the years by getting lots of practice from spending time with his wife and five kids! He also helps coach kids wrestling and soccer and enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors.

Chet Wesenberg

Tim Hess - Business Manager


Chet Wesenberg

Rebecca Wesenberg

Rebecca Wesenberg is a third generation real estate professional who has been born and raised around real estate and the home building industry. She has learned from her father and her grandfather before him that hard work, honesty and integrity are critical for both professional and personal success. She understands that purchasing a new home can be her client’s single largest financial transaction and that her clients rely upon her for sound guidance and professional advice. She respects and values the trust that is given to her.

Rebecca has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business that she has applied to 14 years of sales experience.

Rebecca has gained significant corporate sales experience while employed at the world headquarters of the Rayovac Corporation in Madison, WI and Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac, WI. She brings her life experiences and her 14 years of professional sales experience to the table to help you with your real estate transactions.

With First Weber's Guaranteed Performance Agreement and her skills, you can rest assured that you are protected.